Dos and Don’ts for BEST fuel economy

Add MPGXtreme X-Caps at every fill up. AND:

1.     Inattentive driving habits, jackrabbit starts, speeding, and abrupt braking affect fuel economy negatively 15% to 30% according to several government estimates.  

2.     Keep tires properly inflated. Check regularly as tires can lose up to 2 pounds per month just due to seasonal temperature changes.  

3.     Use GPS to plan the smartest and most effective multistop trip.  

4.     Whenever possible, plan trips to avoid heaviest traffic.  

5.     Perform routine maintenance as specified in your vehicle owner’s manual. Clean the air filter on regular basis and change of spark plugs with every tune up.  

6.     Check your vehicle’s interior and trunk to remove excess weight. One Hundred pounds of unnecessary weight in your vehicle can reduce MPG up to 1%.  

7.     Do not idle vehicle excessively. A 20 second idle at start is all that is required to make sure the crankcase oil is moving throughout the engine.  

8.     Use the pump octane you need. Premium, high-octane gasoline at one time was required to stop engine KNOCK and PING on higher performances engines. This need was largely eliminated with the onboard engine computer systems common today. For those that still want higher octane, try MPG X-Caps in your next several tanks and move to next lowest pump octane. This should still deliver the higher performance, control Knock and Ping AND provide fuel savings.  

9.     Use smart phone gas apps to find best pricing for gasoline. Gasoline in the US is highly regulated and the lowest price at the discount station is usually the same quality as the high-priced stations.  

10.   Minimize air conditioner use when possible. If outside temps allow, use interior fresh AIR vents to cool car. Do not drive with open windows since this creates a drag on the aerodynamics of vehicle.